chances of getting into NYU steinhardt?

Hi guys, I am a high school senior looking to apply to colleges for design. NYU is definitely in my top three colleges, and I was wondering what my chances would be. My GPA is weighted: 4.1, and unweighted: 3.78. I haven’t taken the SAT, may not use it since it’s optional. I expect to have a strong and eye catching art portfolio. A few things that will be going on my application/portfolio:

-growing online clothing business with own designs (would show website, designs, lookbook video, analytics, success)

-gold key scholastic art award

-5 art exhibitions

-got into and took a selective aspiring artists program with art league

-fencing for about 8 years, top 8 junior olympics, top 3 north american cup

-and my AP and project advance college classes that I took/taking: AP human geography, AP drawing, AP 2D design, AP art history, AP environmental, PA US history, PA sociology, PA psychology

You’re stats seem amazing! You’re GPA is above the average for NYU and you have taken several AP classes so you can definitely handle rigor.

You also have really good EC’s. You’ve shown your dedication to art which is really good. The fact that you have accomplished so much with sports is really good for NYU, from what I’ve heard, they like giving scholarships to athletes.

If you don’t think the SAT will help your application I don’t think it’s necessary to take it. Admissions officers have to take into account everything you show them, so unless it will work to your advantage don’t worry about it. If you’re unsure if you should do the SAT, take a few diagnostic tests first (at least 2) to see how you would do.

Thank you so much for the response, this is very helpful! My August sat was just cancelled, so I won’t be taking the sat.