Chances of getting into NYU - Stern business or Econ


<p>I have been following all the chances thread here. consensus seems to be -
3.7UW and 2100 SAT for stern.</p>

<p>I am slightly below both of these numbers. I am not planning to apply for ED.</p>

<p>Should I change my intended major to Econ(LSA) or BPE. (I do plan to minor in Econ if I get into Stern). </p>

<p>in the common app - it does ask -
if I don't get into a major of my choice - would I consider another school. I am saying yes. But what else would they offer me?</p>

<p>please help</p>

<p>Apply to Stern, and make sure your essays really make you stand out. Try retaking the SAT if you can. Also, is that really the consensus? Lol. Never thought I'd meet the requirements, even unofficial ones...</p>