Chances of getting into NYU STERN BUSINESS SCHOOL

<p>I am currently a business student at San Jose State University and I want to transfer to NYU even though I know the program is highly competitive. I have been enlisted in the military for three years and have also completed the officers course. Keep in mind: I recieved honors and awards from both enlisted and officers school. Last semester I failed half my classes after maintaining a 3.1 average throughout college, and have aquired an AS degree from community college. If I turn everything around, get a 4.0 for the next two semesters, and write a kickass personal essay, what are my chances of being accepted Falll 2011?</p>

<p>I'm not exactly sure if you would get in... there was a similar case that I know of a year or two back where someone was sort of in the same position as you (did horrible one semester, turned it around and retook the classes and ended up with a 3.9~ something GPA). That person got denied from every school he applied to though... it's tough especially when they know that you couldn't handle a college that is ranked much lower than Stern, and thus they might reject you. </p>

<p>And the fact remains that even if you hadn't failed your classes you only had a 3.1 average... that's not too competitive for Stern.</p>

<p>what about the military experience? I'm in the marines and plan on accepting my commission as a lieutenant after college.</p>