Chances of Getting into Ohio State University

I want to know my realistic chances of getting into OSU. I am a current junior, but when I graduate I will have a uw cum. gpa of 3.786 and w cum. gpa of 3.961. I have not taken any AP classes because all of the ones offered at my school are science related, and I want my undergrad major to be business related. I have, however, taken 5 years of french which is well over what is expected, with french 4 and 5 being honors classes; I also earned an A in regular chemistry and an A in Honors Physics. Furthermore, my senior year I will be taking all dual enrollment classes at a university (excluding calculus), including an accounting class, which is what I am thinking of majoring in. I am in french club, art club, have a part time job, and volunteer at a local humane society. My gpa has improved by about .2 pointes eversince freshman year, and I also got a 27 on the act. Now that I have taken two valuable minutes of your precious reading time with my average resume, what would you say my chances are? Thank you in advance!:slight_smile:

basing it strictly off of numbers (little knowledge of Ohio state), you have a pretty good chance. You are on the lower side of the middle 50 percent for ACT and even though GPA isn’t listed, I can’t imagine that a 3.79 would be below the average. Admissions everywhere now is a crapshoot. I would say you have a good chance but what do I know. Good luck!