Chances of getting into Oxy

Hi guys! I just want to know if someone could chance me for Oxy. Here are my stats:
Unweighted GPA: 3.77
SAT Score: 1200
Extracurriculars: Band, Computer Science
Volunteering Experience: I taught music lessons since I was in middle school.
Internship Opportunities: Have done 3 paid internships relating to computer science
I go to a college prep school where I’ve taken a lot of rigorous courses. Senior year courses: AP Calc BC, AP Physics, College-Level English, Spanish 4, Senior Research Institute

Ethnicity: Black
Gender: Female
First-gen student
Lower-middle class
From a low-income community in Northern CA

Essays: Should be really empowering because I’m going to talk about how I’ve experienced racial discrimination and prejudice and how I want to help those who are also underrepresented minorities.
*Interests are in Computer Science, Social Justice, and Sociology