Chances of getting into Physician Assistant Program?

I am a high school senior planning on applying to Duquesne’s PA program this fall. I know the program is very competitive, so I was wondering what my chances are of getting in. I have a 4.179 GPA and a 29 on my act (superscored). For anyone that is or was in the program, what was your GPA and ACT score like? Also, your application essay?

Apply early! I am not sure about the average stats.

Just make sure you are fully informed. The program is currently on accreditation probation because they admitted too many students. It could have many different impacts including admitting many less students in 2017. Unfortunately it also shows lack of consideration for current students that they were not authorized to accept and now must scramble to fix. While they state that no one will be “weeded out” and enough clinical positions exist, it is hard to believe that the facilities can support that many students (especially just admitted 2016 class which is 75% over their certification) and doesn’t speak to the quality or location of the clinicals. They truly squandered the reputation and trust it took so long to garner. This wasn’t a one year anomaly but occurred over 5 years making it hard to believe it was an “administrative issue” that should have been apparent to anyone paying attention in the department.

Did you apply to other schools such as St Francis University? Seton Hill, Gannon I think have PA programs too.

I heard about that recently! I actually just got accepted into Seton Hill’s program, but won’t find out about Duquesne until mid-January. Duquesne used to be my first choice but my chances of going there are less likely now because of the accreditation issue.

Yes I did!