Chances of getting into PSU MAIN?

<p>Hey..I just got back my very disappointing second SAT score..with a high score of a 1080 and a 3.8 GPA (approx. 3.65 unweighted), what are my chances of getting into Penn State University Park?..I have numerous extracurricular activities, including NHS, and various awards. I plan on majoring in Biology and pre-med.</p>

<p>Im applying there too.. i dont know what your chances are but do you know what their deciding factors are? Also is it really hard to get in if you are out of state?</p>

<p>I'm not quite sure of the level of difficulty of getting into PSU outside of state. I know they favor those who live in PA (becuase it's a state school). They don't have decideing factors pursay, but I do know that it's a great school. The average SAT is 1210 and GPA is 3.5-3.9.</p>