Chances of Getting Into Rice?

<p>I'm about to start senior year and i basically have all of my requirements except for my SAT subject tests, which ill be taking in October. </p>

Marching Band Section leader and Jazz Band Lead Trumpet
Bio Club President
Beta Club
National Honor Society (running for president this coming year)
Student Government</p>

<p>Ranked 10/400-500</p>

<p>GPA 96 on the % guessing thats like at least a 3.5</p>

1st time
1950 - 670 Reading 680 Math 580 Writing
2nd time
2010 - 620 Reading 720 Math 670 Writing
plan on taking ACTs soon</p>

<p>All AP's Honors Courses since i started high school
Have taken 4 APs already and plan on taking 5 more this coming year.
i have a 4 on one of my exams and i havent gotten scores my other 3 yet. (though im pretty sure i aced 2 of them and at least got a 4 on the last one)</p>

<p>So what are my odds? I know my SAT scores might be a little... iffy..but i think i can do well on the subject tests to compensate.</p>