Chances of getting into RPI, RIT and Drexel

<p>Need information on transfer at RPI. I want to get into a high level engineering school and although I may not have the creditials I want to try to go for my dream schools and go down from there since my engineering school is not accreddited. Can someone chance me and give me info about maybe other schools</p>

<p>H.S. GPA : 3.0 (took 6 Honor classes, no A.P.)
College GPA : 3.4 (In Honors program at my College)
ACT : 23 Comp 25 Math
EC: Honors Program
Division 1 NAIA Soccer team
Volunteering over 200 hours helping title one schools, AIDS clinic, and Assistant coaching
H.S. Team soccer captain and MVP
African American with a EFC of about 1000
Please help!!!
Also hadv alot of other EC like TSA, SGA, And science Olympiad but did not list, Should I send them a copy of my resume or no? </p>

<p>Also I had a amazing story. I had a 1.7 GPA in high school and brought it up to a 3.0. My GC wrote a realli good letter for me so any ideas?
give me suggestions on other schools too plz. Tennessee resident.</p>

<p>What college classes have you passed, and what were your grades in each class? What college are you currently attending? You might be able to get into Georgia Tech.</p>

<p>Pretty much the first year for a typical electrical engineer. I'm going into my second year at Southern Poly, which is right next to GT and pretty much has the same course load. I know I could but I wanted something up north...AND I realli want help RPI
and cornell but thats a long shot
got a A in Calculus, Art, and English 1
and got a B in Chem I, English 2, Speech, Fundamentals of Eng, Orientation, and C++(barely!!!!)
havent gotten a C yet...</p>

<p>Can u chance me?</p>

<p>Cornell and RPI are kinda long shots (well it depends on your SAT score)...RIT and Drexel are possibilities...</p>

<p>yea i took the SAT again so maybe that'll help...I should know from RPI next week</p>

<p>Accepted into RPI...still in shock lol :)</p>