Chances of getting into Rutgers NB SoE

GPA: 4.38 W/ 3.75 UW
SAT: 1240
AP: 9, including Calculus AB, Language and Comp, Psych, Econ, US History, World History. currently taking Calc BC, Physics, Literature and Comp
Honors classes: 8
Class rank: 54/295
Applied Late October Early Action

Recently got accepted into the Schools of Arts and Sciences but I want to get into the School of Engineering. I am worried because some of my friends recently got accepted while I still have not.

How does their class rank compare to your friends? Also, why did you submit test scores? Is the Math score above average?

I think you have a good chance with a strong course load and above average ranking.

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What’s the Major you applied into SAS and SOE ?

My rank is higher and also idk why i submitted test scores.

Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering

You have very good chance for SOE
We got in with 1330 SAT and similar stats
Still waiting for SAS update.

This year seems odd they released decisions for 1 school and holding other one weird

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I believe that at some schools, different undergraduate divisions have a different admissions committee. Do you know if this is the case at Rutgers? If yes, then this could explain the difference in timing between the different undergraduate divisions.

From your understanding, would an admissions decision be impacted depending on the specific type of engineering selected?