Chances of Getting into Sophie Davis?

Hello community, if any of you had previous experience with acceptance into Sophie David, could you please inform me of my chances are as of right now, and any tips for getting in or making my application more appealing to the people who are going to decide my fate?
Classes: (I’m currently a junior)
AP Chemistry (5)
AP Biology (5)
AP English (4)
Earth Science: 98
Algebra: 94
Living Environment: 94
Geometry: 98
Chemistry: 95
Trig/Alg 2: 98
Global History: 99
English: 96
US History: 98
SAT: CR 610 M 750 (Will probably retake)
ACT: Planning on taking in June/September

Weighted GPA: 101.14
Rank: 1/104

School Activities:
Vice President NHS (2014-2017)
Science Olympiad Member (2016-2017)
Cross Country/Indoor Track/Track Team Captain (2014-2017)
Regents Tutor (2015-2017)

Thank you!

I’m also African American and in-state not sure how much affirmative action will help me Im attending a New Visions Health Profession for my senior year as well.