Chances of getting into Temple?

<p>Temple is basically my #1 school. I had a terrible junior year (I know, the most important year..), but I hope my 99% average in my first quarter of senior year makes up for some of it.</p>

<p>Freshman year GPA: 3.45
Sophomore GPA: 4.0
Junior year GPA: 2.7
Senior year (so far) : 3.9 UW, 4.2 w (99% average)</p>

<p>Overall: (based on my high school's calculations)
WQPA: 3.3
NW QPA: 3.2</p>

<p>SAT: I retook them, but first score was 1580 (580 CR, 540 W, 450 M)..I suck at Math. I just retook them and hope to score above a 1650. I'm not a good test taker.</p>

<p>3 APs, 3 college classes (taken at Point Park University) and 12 credits earned from those classes, 4 years of Spanish (almost fluent!)</p>

<p>Extra: Editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper, member of Spanish club, captain of health club, 1 year of basketball, 2 years of soccer, member of yearbook club, 50+ community service hours.</p>

<p>And I'm hoping to double major in Public Relations and Spanish.</p>

<p>Any input would be helpful. Thanks!</p>

<p>The big factor for you is your mid-year reports. If you keep the strong upward trend I think you'll have an excellent chance of being admitted to Temple. If there are some circumstances surrounding your not so stellar junior year then explain that in the "additional information" section of app. Don't go overboard and talk about it in one of the main essays. It's better to show that you have moved on and aren't making excuses anymore. Give them a chance to see that you've really pulled it together completely by not focusing on that year too much. Your recommendations will be crucial, so do ask teachers that have experienced you as a very strong student. If there's one that's very aware of the changes you've made, and adores you, then by all means I'd be talking to them for a rec.! Make the time to meet with your counselor and let them know how hard you are working now. There's something that happens when a counselor has face-to-face meetings and they are much more likely to give you a better rec, so even if it's only 10 minutes, stop in their office.</p>

<p>Correction: My GPA for junior year was a 2.95. It just was fixed.</p>

<p>A letter from my counselor actually isn't required and it wasn't in the application I sent either. My guidance counselor, to be frank, is an idiot and every senior in my high school wants to get him fired. I sent out everything myself because I was afraid he would lose it. Shows you a little about him there.</p>

<p>I plan on maintaining straight As. I was going to put a little excerpt in my online application. I attended Point Park University my junior year and took four college classes there. I earned 12 credits, but balancing out my high school work, which included 2 AP classes, and my college load, was extremely hard for me, especially the first two quarters. I struggled a lot. </p>

<p>With a 65% acceptance rate, I don't think I'll have trouble getting in, but I'm still weary. </p>

<p>Temple has rolling admissions and it's only the first month after they started (October 15th). That gives me a higher chance of getting in too no?</p>

<p>I know people with similar stats who got into Temple no problem. I really think they will understand the drop junior year, especially because your GPA's the other three years are great. Your SAT shouldn't really be a problem for temple. I know people who only got 1400's and got in.</p>