Chances of Getting into the University of Miami

<p>I recentally applied to the University of Miami and I'm worried my credentials may be to low. i also applied regular decision because of some confusion with the Frost School of Music Application so that worries me alot because of the amount of people that typically apply then. About my creds :
Academics: I am a senior right now with a 3.41 gpa ( This semseter though I have a 3.857/ 3.9 and so my cumalative gpa hopefully should be around a 3.5 right now), I am ranked 52 out of 233 or top 22% (Like my gpa this is subject to change because it is the end of the semester and they are recalculating). Right now I have 17 honors classes, about 5 are dual enrollment and 1 is Pre-Ap ( my school did not get really "big" into AP until now and I have no idea what an IB course is. Im not sure if any schools have that in the state of Louisiana and if they do then its probably more down south). I also most likely will be graduating as an honors graduate at my school. In Louisiana we also do the ACT instead of the SAT. I got a compostite score of 26 - English: 30, Reading: 28, Math:24, and Science:25. Yes I know this is low, since i missed the february act deadline I was highly debeating on taking the SAT since ive heard that people who are more "english/reading" orianted tend to do better. I took the PSAT as a sophomore though and i got a 49 on the Math, 52 on the english, and 58 on the writing, but i dont know how that is equivalent to the actual SAT. Could some one please explain that and give me advice on retaking the SAT, because if i do then I would take in March and acceptances letters go out in April i believe.
For extracurricular, I am in band, chior, newspapering, the Kick-off mentoring program, Future Buisness Leaders of America, DARE Role Models and Keywannettes. In band I am a section leader, a music librarian staff manager, and a principal player. I also made it into various honor bands. Ive done various community service projects with my clubs above.
I really do not know what else to say. haha, but if you have any questions that would help you fully understand my "creds" than feel free to ask. One more question though, how do music scholarships & financial aid for this school work? because I know if I do not get a HIGH SAT score there is no way I am getting an acedemic scholarship.

<p>It's iffy but far from impossible your grades alone will not get you in that I can assure you but if your recs are insanely good great EC's etc. you have a chance but it is a reach.</p>

<p>^ What kevpa1 said.</p>

<p>ahhhh...well i guess thats better than nothing. Thanks :) btw what do you mean y "recs"?</p>

<p>recs are reccomendations</p>