Chances of getting into Top Colleges? Georgetown, UPenn, Brown, Berkeley

Hey everybody!! I’m a rising senior who is just starting on applications and has big hopes for getting into top colleges! I’m planning on going to an undergrad business school and majoring in finance or math (definitely minoring in math- I’ve always had a knack for it, going into calc 3 next year)

I was wondering if anyone would give their two cents on my likeliness of getting into some top schools? I have a list of colleges I’m applying to, which include safety schools, but I’m really just asking about my reach schools. I’m really worried about my lack of leadership and extracurriculars- EEK!) I would love any and all opinions!! THANKS!

My reach schools: GEORGETOWN (my dream!!!), NYU (Stern), University of Michigan, Berkeley, UPenn, Brown

Me: I am a white female who goes to a really good, competitive public school in suburban Minnesota

Test Scores/Grades (so far) :

  1. GPA unweighted- 4.00
  2. GPA weighted- 4.318
  3. ACT- 34 (super score is 35-- english: 35, reading: 36, math: 33, science: 34)
  4. AP Tests- Human Geo (5), Calc AB (5), Calc BC (5), Statistics (5), Biology (5)-- taking four more senior year
  5. Senior Year Classes- Multivariate Calculus, IB Business, AP Physics, AP Spanish, English 12, AP Macroeconomics, AP Psych


  1. Club Soccer (9, 10, 11, 12)- starting center defender, premier level team, dedicate A LOT of my time to it
  2. HS Varsity Soccer (9, 10, 11)- MVP 2015 season, MVP 2017 season, Award for Leadership and Attitude 2017 season, captain 2017 season
  3. Volunteer at a hospital (11, 12)- four hours every week, earned the president’s service award for it
  4. Work (10, 11, 12)- eight hours every week at a coffee shop
  5. DECA (11, 12)- First place in State for Principles of Hospitality and Tourism event 2018, Top Test Score in State and Internationals 2018, Top 20 Finalist at Internationals 2018
  6. Summer Internship at Local Building Company (11)- met with clients, attended meetings, learned the ins and outs of business


  1. National Merit Semifinalist (predicted but pretty much guaranteed)
  2. Student Recognition Award for Outstanding Achievement in History (school level award)
  3. AP Scholar with Distinction
  4. President’s Service Award
  5. Varsity Letter in Academics
  6. A Honor Roll

I think your stats are competitive and that you have a chance of being accepted to one of your reach schools. I’m sure you already know that thousands of other students applying to those schools have equally good stats. You can distinguish yourself with your personal statement. Ideally you should somehow tie your personal statement to one of your activities, a time you overcame failure, or something else that really shows your personal side. Best of luck!