Chances of getting into Tufts for engineering as a Transfer

<p>I applied for transfer at Tufts for the spring term. I am transfering from Stevens Institute of Technology with a 3.3gpa (3.5 1st sememster and a 3.1 2nd). I am studying engineering and hope to do the same at Tufts. Right now I am doign a coop term at Stevens which I think is going to hurt my chances of getting in.</p>

<p>What do you guys think?
My sats were 1280(730math 550 verbal) and sat IIs were 730math Ic and 600 writing.</p>

<p>I think I am pretty borderline but did have a strong showing at Stevens.</p>


<p>bump up o the top</p>

<p>back up to the top!!</p>

<p>You have no shot dude!!! Why are you even considering!!! Your stats suck ****!</p>

<p>Well, Tufts isn't known for engineering, but your stats are less than stellar...</p>

<p>A 3.3 GPA isn't spectacular and Stevens, while not a bad school by any means, isn't "elite." And your SATs are subpar for Tufts...I'd say you're fighting an uphill battle.</p>

<p>Yeah I figured so. Esahopeful, thanks for being so kind <sarcasm></sarcasm></p>

<p>Any more opinions on this?</p>

<p>Back to the top. Hopefully Tufts realizes the huge course work at stevens and puts that into consideration. I really want to go there!</p>

<p>Don't let these guys get you down. Stevens has a great program, and you've demonstrated that you can do the work. I would even argue Steven's has the superior program. In any case, I think Tufts would want you.</p>

<p>Thanks rogracer. Stevens does have a great program. Well hopefully Tufts recgonizes that!</p>

<p>Dude -- what is it with you and Tufts? I'm surely not going to change your mind and I don't intend to either...but transferring from a good engineering school like Stevens to a mediocre program like Tufts makes seems to defy common sense. Sure, Tufts is more prestigious in general and has a nice campus, etc...but it really, really isn't the best place to go for an engineering education. I'm sure I'll be accused of bashing Tufts shortly, but its not bashing if its the truth!</p>

<p>Once again, getting an engineering degree from Tufts is like getting a history or english degree from MIT. There are much, much better places to transfer to than Tufts.</p>

<p>Truth is in the eyes of the beholder, kiddly.</p>

<p>Like many people have expressed from before, an undergraduate engineering education is fairly uniform throughout the good schools in America. Rankings are only a projection of graduate funding and research - surely you know this. The slight nuances of different campuses and diversity are far more important in the experience than reputation in the long run. Even then, you already know my stance on the Tufts engineering reputation. We have happy students.</p>

<p>Kiddly, Sure maybe Stevens has a better program but the fact is I am not happy there and I feel Tufts is a good place for me.</p>