Chances of getting into Tufts?

<p>My stats:</p>

<p>17 Year Old Asian Male.<br>
Live in Massachusetts.
GPA 4.42 (of 5)
SAT I Math 800, Writing 770, Reading 730
SAT II Chemistry 780, Math I 800, Math II 750
Weak extracurriculars. President of chess club. 1 math award. Member of accapella group. 2 ongoing weekly volunteer commitments (4 hours a week). 1 Job (only 10 hours a week)</p>

<p>I'm applying Early decision to Tufts. Give me my chances of getting in as a %?</p>

<p>75% in my opinion.</p>

good luck!</p>

<p>Very good chance.</p>

<p>it really looks good,

<p>ED with your test scores I think your solid.
EC wise, I don't think your weak at all. You definitely did a lot of things and that alone would pull you apart from your competitors. </p>

<p>Goodluck !</p>

<p>can you chance me if you have time?
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<p>Bump. Some more opinions? There might also have been some confusion. My GPA is 4.42 Unweighted on a 5 point scale so its fairly low.</p>