Chances of getting into UC SD/D/I/R/

<p>My current gpa right now is 3.71 but I got a NP from my calc2 professor last year but retook it and got a B. If I maintained my gpa, is it possible to get accept from these four colleges (my eye is on Davis). Thanks!</p>

<p>What is your major? That has a pretty big impact on whether you are admitted or not, but with that GPA I think you are definitely in for all 4 of those schools. If your major is impacted though, it will be much harder.</p>

<p>Yes it is part of my prereqs since im a bioscience major. How badly will it impact my chances? Is it still likely for me to get into davis?</p>

<p>quick! what is a homogenous mixture? what is a rule about both hetero & homogenous mixtures?</p>