Chances of getting into UCONN?

GPA: 3.4UW 3.7W
SAT CR: 660
5 AP’s, 4 on the AP English Language exam
3 Years of IB Spanish (same level as AP)
4 IB Classes
Heavy senior year course load
President of Trivia club
President of Envirothon (environmental science team)
Link Leader (freshman mentor)
70+ hours of community service
Held 3 part time jobs (not at the same time lol)
Captain of Varsity Softball
Captain of club volleyball team
Recommendations from AP Chem, AP English, and AP Bio Teachers
Hoping to major in Allied Health Sciences
If it helps, I’ve visited campus officially four times, so I’ve demonstrated interest plenty of times
Please let me know how my chances are looking?

Your GPA is slightly below the average applicant’s (3.57), however, within range. Your weighted GPA is in range of the average 3.85, as well. Your SAT scores are a match. The rigor of your courses will also add to your strength as an applicant. You have plenty of activities and volunteer work, both of which they value, and they also consider work experience. In my eyes, you are definitely strong applicant. Best of luck.

@cccrsn I also have a recommendation from a UConn Alum? Does that help?


I really thought you would get in you status is similar/a little better than mine :frowning: lmk what happens with the wait-list. Also if you dont mind answering was your GPA lower due to electives or core classes…