Chances of Getting Into UF?

<p>I applied to UF this year, I really want to attend UF.
I'm in my senior year and live in NJ.
GPA is a 3.8
SAT scores aren't too great, I got a 1460.
I got into the National Honor Society my Junior and Senior Year
I'm now President of my School's Chapter of NHS.
I was selected to represent my school at a NJ Leadership conference for the State.
I played 4 years of varsity Golf.
I'm active in Yearbook committee, buddy reading, student congress and Academic league.
I do a lot of community service and I am active with volunteering to help out local elections.
What are my chances?</p>

<p>In 26 hours you will know :)</p>

<p>I'm too anxious! lol</p>

<p>Accepted to UF!</p>