Chances of getting into UGA?

<p>SAT Scores:
Reading: 610
Math: 570
Writing: 550
1730 all three and 1180 for just math and reading</p>

Weighted: 3.938
Non Weighted: 3.583</p>

<p>-I'm ranked 45 out of 305
-3 AP classes and the rest are mainly honors
-I was a varsity competition cheerleader all four years and was captain my senior year
-I've been on many mission trips (which i included in my essays)
-I do community work about once a week and am a member of Deca, Beta, FBLA, & French Club
- & I was nominated for Who's Who Among American High School Students</p>

<p>Any opinions?</p>

<p>Definately in if in state, if not its probably a reach</p>

<p>I am in state! You really think so though? My non weighted gpa is a little low...</p>