Chances of getting into UMich with low GPA and high SAT?

I’m an in-state student with a 3.3 UW / 3.7 W GPA and a 1580 SAT. Is it possible to get admitted with these kinds of stats? What can I do to make my application stand out? Thank you for the help

Slim to none. Your SAT is above the 75th percentile but doesn’t make up for the GPA.

How is your rigor? That will matter. How is your EC and leadership. All those things matter.

I don’t see you getting in - and not sure of your major but if you want it, apply - just ensure you have targets - like Pitt / Penn State / Minnesota and safeties - such as Indiana. In-state obviously you have wonderful alternative schools from MSU to the directionals to Michigan Tech, etc.

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I’d like to major in Japanese and/or linguistics, so I’d be applying to LSA.

And I love MSU! Was just also wondering if UMich was an option. Thank you so much for the reply :smiley:

If I were studying language, I’d probably look to IU - Hamilton Lugar School. This might help too - you might consider a Western school and there are schools with great merit - especially some of the 2nd tier smaller LACs such as Beloit and Kalamazoo.

Here’s a link that may help…several pages down.

Best Japanese Language and Literature Colleges in the US | 2021 (

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With that score and with a decent GPA, there is a chance UMICH works out as you are in-state. Is that GPA overall or just junior year? if it’s overall and there is an upward trajectory with VERY strong senior fall grades, it’s certainly possible UMICH works out.

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According to Section C7 of the U of M Common Data Set, academic GPA is weighted higher as an admissions factor than standardized test scores.

Also, I believe that U of M recalculates high school GPA for admissions purposes, discarding all plusses and minuses (i.e., a B+ is considered a B for admissions purposes, an A- is considered an A for admissions purposes, etc.). So if you have lots of B+ or C+ grades, that is going to hurt you in the recalculation process.


I am a freshman in LSA and had the opposite of you. You never know. Apply and tell them you really want to go. Mich likes to protect their yield. If you are a legacy you have a better chance, they don’t like to say it but it is true, half of the kids on my floor are legacies.


I also have the opposite. Do you mind sharing your stats and if you were OOS or not?

“Opposite” - as in high GPA, lower SAT - makes a big difference, because most schools weigh school rigor and GPA more than test performance.

Thank you for your information! All we can do is wait and hope for the best!

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