Chances of getting into UNC as a transfer

I’m currently a freshman at UGA (I’m originally from NC so technically in state student) and I’m trying to transfer to UNC fall 2017. My high school stats are pretty strong 5.0 weighted GPA 4.0 unweighted, a lot of APs, good extra curriculars. My college stats are where I begin to worry. I changed majors last semester (reason for the transfer) and I ended up having to withdraw from chem. In light of my major change, chem was no longer a required course for me and I was taking a couple other pretty much pointless yet difficult courses because of my original major so I only took ten hours last semester. My GPA was a 3.4 so not bad but not stellar either. My extra curriculars are fairly strong though, I’m a poli sci/econ major so I got involved with College Republicans and am a contributing writer to a campus magazine, among other extra curriculars. My essays I feel are fairly strong and I was able to get a letter of recommendation. Also, my dad is an alum and my mom taught there early on in her career. I really want to go to UNC, I’ve been a fan my whole life and I’m really not happy here please be honest, what do you think my chances are?

Also forgot to include that I got a 1980 SAT