Chances of getting into University of Oregon?

Hello everyone, I am currently a community college student in Indiana and have one semester left until I complete my associates degree. My goal is to transfer to University of Oregon for fall of 2020 or spring 2021, depending on when I can qualify for in-state tuition. When I complete my associates, I will have 60 credits and either a 3.29 or 3.36 GPA, depending on the grade I receive in Biology. My GPA would be higher, but unfortunately I failed two math classes, retook them both, got a ‘B’ in one and a ‘D’ in another. UofO counts all F’s, even in courses that were retaken, which would put my GPA around 3.3. Do you think I can get into UofO with a 3.3 and an associates? I want to get into the East Asian Studies program. Also, I have not taken the SAT or ACT before, but I believe it is not necessary if you have over 35 credits when you put in your application to UofO. I appreciate any help~

You should call their admissions office. The lack of formal scoring might not be an issue after a certain number of credits, but I can’t say for certain. Other than that, you should be fine. It’s not a tough school admissions wise. They don’t count Ds as passing grades though, and I know that that’s sometimes an issue for people.