chances of getting into University of Tampa?

Hi everyone! I’m currently a freshman at Rutgers University in NJ and I’m looking to transfer to UT in the fall. I recently applied.
I have a lot of volunteer work and paid-work for my extra curriculars as well as club sports at Rutgers.
My ACT score is 24 and my high school GPA was a 3.78.
The only thing that is making me question my acceptance is my current college GPA. It is a 2.5. (Not to blame the poorness of my GPA on anything, but if you were wondering, I had some personal experiences that made school really tough and I rather not go into detail.)
With that said, I am wondering if I have any shot at all to transfer there. To me it seems like a long shot and I feel really stuck and unsure of where to go from here.
All constructive criticism and advice is really helpful. Thank you!

Hi do u know if RU in New Brunswick accepts students with 1100 sat and 3.3 gpa? by any chance

anyone have any input for my question ?? thank you

I was the one messaging you a few days ago lol

Hey, I’ll just keep it honest and give you my opinion.
Act score: not bad, but not great either. I don’t know if this will have much impact because of this, but I don’t think it will hurt you.
Your HS gpa is good, but you didn’t mention any AP’s.
The college gpa, as you said, isn’t that great, but it’s atleast above 2.0. That’s going to matter a lot in their decision, so if you can, I’d give an explanation in your essay perhaps.
Being a private school, extra-curriculars that broaden their perspective of you looks good, private schools value non-academic endeavors much more than their public counterparts.
I’d say you have a chance. I wish I could be more certain, but you’re sort of on the line, and I’m of course no expert.
If it helps, here are my stats, I’m a recent admittee into their honor’s college. I hope this helps!
Transfer with 45 credits.
College gpa: 3.94
HS gpa: n/a
Extra: 2.5 years of volunteer service with Americorps
Essay: no
Rec: no

Good luck!

thank you!

Did you end up getting in? I just applied there with a 24 on my ACT 2.3 high school GPA and 3.3 college GPA so I’m curious. Lol