Chances of getting into USAFA?

I’m an upcoming sophomore. I have a 3.9 GPA (unweighted). My school doesn’t weight honors classes. I have a part-time job and I’m planning on keeping it until the end of high school. I’m also a key club member. I’ve been doing tae kwon do for three years (I’m a brown belt right now and USAFA has a tae kwon do club so I’ll join if I’m accepted). Next year I’m joining student council and cross country. When I’m a junior or senior I’ll hopefully join Link Crew (which is pretty much supporting the freshmen). My Spanish teacher also invited me to be a student leader at Summer Orientation for freshmen.
So if anyone could give me advice on how to be a more competitive candidate that would be great! Thanks!

Start taking the ACT and SAT tests as soon as you can. Standardized test scores are the main discriminator in the competition. The more times that you take them the better your scores should get. Your athletics are weak compared to well-qualified candidates. You should have at least two varsity-level sports. TKD is not going to count as much as a school team sport unless you can show that you are a state or regional champion in a sanctioned competition. Since you are running cross country, try the track team as well. The part-time job really adds no points to your whole candidate score. Student council and link crew are good activities but you need to become a leader/officer in those organizations to get the most credit for it.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll get working on it.