Chances of getting into UT Austin, Fall 2012??? HELP!

<p>I applied to UT for this fall semester, and I still haven't heard anything back. This waiting game is driving myself crazy!!!!!
I have a very unique situation-I'm a dual-credit student. I am a senior in high school, but I have attained enough college hours to be considered a sophomore, almost a junior, in college. I have 63 college hours right now and my college GPA is a 3.1. I wrote for the community college that I attend's newspaper and also joined their recycling club and was one of the college's student ambassadors. I enrolled in the dual credit program when I was a sophomore in high school- and ever since then I haven't gone to school on my high school campus.<br>
I had to apply to UT as a freshman though since I haven't actually graduated from high school. So my high school stats are...
My high school actually messed up on my transcripts. I should have qualified for automatic admission, but instead they had me ranked at 60/422 kids which was like 13 or 14 percent I believe. My high school did attach a letter explaining the mess up though.
Oh and my major I applied for is pre-journalism.
I wrote essays A,B, and C. What do y'all think my chances are????</p>