Chances of getting into UT Austins Petroleum Engineering program

<p>I'm rank 41 out of 708 so I'm already accepted and whatnot, but what are my chances of getting into the petroleum engineering program?</p>

<p>SAT 1780 - Math 690 reading 540 Writing 560
ACT 29 - Math 31 Reading 32 Science 27 English 24...(damn English..)</p>

<p>I've played football for 4 years, Varsity for 3. (We also won the state championship in 2010 if that matters.)
Was Nominated to the Houston Academic Touchdown Club, but didn't win anything.</p>

<p>Challenging Course Rigor
Junior Year
AP Chem
AP English
PAP Precal
PAP Spanish II
PAP Physics
Regular US History

<p>Senior Year
Student Aide
AP English
AP Calculus AB
AP Economics/AP Government
AP Environmental Science
AP Biology

<p>All in which I've maintained All A's except for the occasional 89 in AP English.</p>

<p>I've done tours at UT and such, (dunno if that helps show I'm interested)</p>

<p>I have a 3.53 unweighted GPA</p>

<p>In State/Auto Accepted</p>

<p>Request any other information and I'll be happy to add it on.</p>

<p>Your SAT score is really low and your ACT score is slightly below Cockrell average.</p>

<p>Your class rank isn't terrific for Cockrell either. I'd say you have an ok shot, but nothing more.</p>