Chances of getting into UT?

State: Pennsylvania
Year:Incoming Senior
First generation African-American Female; Upper middle class; Prep school

Major: Neuroscience/ Minor: African American Studies
UW: 3.75/
W: School doesn’t weigh
Rank: Thank God, school doesnt rank either
Sat’s: need to take, but shooting for 1300
Ap’s: Ap English and Comp(3), Ap Latin(3) [You can only start taking ap classes Junior year and the most you can possible take as a junior is 3]
Senior year course load: Ap Bio, Ap Psych, Physics, Honors Latin or Spanish(can’ decide), Analytical Geometry/Differential Calculus


Newspaper(Assistant editor Jr. yr/ Editor in Chief Sr.yr)-- 4yrs
Classical language club(Prez)----2 yrs
Admissions Club(Prez)----2yrs
Model Un(VP)----3yrs
Art Society–4yrs
Speech and Debate–3yrs
The Play(Makeup Crew)–2yrs
Prep News–2yrs(running for anchor position)
Protect Club–2yrs
Suave–2 yrs
Finer Things Club(possibly VP)–2 yrs
Church Youth group-- 2yrs
Business Club—1yr
Jv Chee leading–1yr(hahah i loved cheer, but didn’t work out cuz i live 1hr away from my school)
Church Choir
Blog(mostly talking about political stuff)
…And i’m thinking of making a club as a senior where students can pen pal a kid at an orphanage in Africa and starting up either a SADD or Diversity Club

Community Service: not much, I started volunteering at a Battered Woman’s home in Philly every last Sunday of the month last year by giving encouraging talks, I might be doing this medical thing next month in Nigeria(where my parents are from)and I volunteer from time to time at my dad’s clinic

Awards(Nothing Spectacular):
National Latin Exam- Bronze(Fr,Soph,Jr. yr); National Spanish Exam-Bronze(Soph.,Jr. yr),Class Gold Medal(Highest Avg) in Math and Latin(Soph Year), Class Bronze in Religion, Class Silver in Math(jr.year) and this summer i entering a bunch of writing contests

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You’ve got a good qualitative profile that’s for sure–you are an engaged student, which is necessary but not sufficient for UT. The quantifiables will be important. Take the ACT as well as the SAT and perhaps any SAT subject exams in areas you will excel?