chances of getting into uva/ what do i need to improve?

<p>im instate, northern virginia, starting my junior year of high school. im freaking out about college because i know i haven't done nearly enough to get into uva but im hoping i still have some time left to really improve my chance!</p>

<p>this year im taking ap english, ap us history, precalc honors, physics honors, french 4, current events (elective, easy A), and drama 3 (another easy A) and i plan to average all A's. im really determined, i have to get into uva (dream school). </p>

<p>freshman year i took all honors core classes, french 2, & drama 1 (and gym) and had a weighted gpa of a 4.14 (unweighted 3.8). sophomore year i also took 3 honors and 1 ap for core classes, french 3 & drama 2, but i started reallyy screwing up (long story, i got distracted) when fourth quarter started and ended up averaging a weighted 3.78 (not good, i know). this year, i plan to get a 4.4, weighted. </p>

<p>as for the sat, i'll be taking it for the first time in december, but i dont remember what i got on either of my psat's; they weren't bad, and they weren't terrific. they were just good. but i'll be studying like crazy, i've started a little bit already. </p>

<p>ec's is where i lack. i've done varsity tennis for the past two years and i plan to for the next two, i did the fall play the the past two years, im in french club and french national honor society (i plan to run for a position in government for one of them), national honor society, i think i might be in national english society this year..i can't think of anything else right now. im going to get involved in some more clubs and do some community hours (any ideas of how to get started on doing this?) </p>

<p>so yeah, if i do really well on the sat (im planning to get at least a 2150), get straight A's this year, and get more involved with ec's, what would you say my chances are at getting into uva? i know its a little early to tell without an sat score but any thoughts are apprecitaed. thanksss</p>

<p>What you don't have in your EC right now is a focus. Adding clubs ontop of the four (I believe) clubs, drama, and tennis you are already doing isn't going to get the most mileage. I wouldn't say it's not enough. You just don't seem to have one that defines you. Is drama your main focus? Is that something you can have depth of involvement in year round? Adding more honor societies gets vanilla if you are not really active.
A single activity that you are very involved with says much more about you than stacking clubs. Does your school have a debate team that is active? Model UN? Science Okympiad? These are activities that take time commitment and show involvement beyond a meeting once a month.
Continue to work hard on your academics. Plan on your SAT2s in May or June when everything is fresh in your mind. Math2, and Physics or APush, whichever you feel strongest in. The prep for the AP test will be very helpful in this. Many students test in the Spring and forget to plan on the subject tests. This also gives you time to retest if you want.
Your Jr year will be your hardest. It is a marathon, not a series of sprints. I've seen the best of students, mine included, just hit the wall somewhere in late May. You will get so tired of testing. In all of this, socialize a little less, study a little more, put away the cellphone and sleep when you can. Also, start looking for a summer internship in February or you won't have a job next summer.
Good luck. Lots of good advise here on cc!</p>