Chances of Getting into Vandy?

<p>I'm a freshman at a Public highschool in KY with about 250 people in my class.
Here is my planned schedule as follows. Before anyone says anything about not taking many AP classes, my school does not offer a lot. . Also, besides Spanish, you cannot start high school languages at higher than level one. </p>

<p>Freshman Year: Overall Grade:
Acc. Chemistry and Physics 101%
Acc. Biology 98%
French 1 101%
Latin 1 99%
Acc. English 1 99%
Geography and Civics (No Acc class available. It's horrendous) 98%
Acc. Geometry [Currently being recalculated. Mess up online]</p>

<p>Sophomore Year:
Acc. Chemistry
Acc. English 2
French 2
Latin 2
AP Biology
Acc. World Civilizations
Acc. Algebra 2</p>

<p>Self Study: Spanish, AP Us Gov't and Politics,Statistics, and AP World History</p>

<p>Junior Year:
Acc. English 3
Acc. Pre-Calculus
AP U.S. History
French 3
Latin 3
PE\Health (Required)
Theater 1 (Required)
Self Study: Religion, Spanish, Genetics, AP Psychology, and AP Environmental Science
Senior Year:
AP English
AP Calculus AB
AP European History
AP French
AP Latin
AP Chemistry or AP Physics (depends on what is offered)
Anatomy and Physiology </p>

Latin club, French Club, STLP, Human Relations Club, Science Club, Science Olympiad, Academic Team, FBLA, Key Club, Student Council (Both school-wide and class), FCA, ACTS, Volleyball, Muse (Creative writing magazine). Local Library Council,and I volunteer at the soup kitchen and the public library.
My grandmother went to Peabody, the Vandy school for teachers. </p>

<p>Be honest, do you think I have a chance at getting into Vanderbilt? My goal is to major in Neuroscience and Genetics, and travel to third worlds countries or countries where disasters have struck and help people with head injuries or people in general with genetic disorders.</p>

<p>You definitely have a chance, as long as you keep up your grades & ec involvement. On the other hand, if your grades drop down to B's later on, your chances won't be as good, because colleges really dislike seeing a downward trend.</p>

Volunteering for the homeless
Volunteering at a library</p>

<p><em>vomit</em> please do more stereotypical/corny application fillers.</p>

<p>Duster, I don't volunteer to "fill" my application. I've been volunteering at the soup kitchen since I was very young, because both my grandparents do it, and I actually enjoy helping people. I volunteer at the library because I enjoy reading and it gives me something to do that is constructive. But thank you for being so supportive and open-minded. I really, truly appreciate you being shallow. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside.</p>

<p>Alaina, thank you very much. I'm planning on keeping my grades up and maybe getting them higher (Fate allowing). A lot of people tell me I should have slacked first and showed my real strengths later, but I don't listen, haha. Thanks so much!</p>