Chances of getting into Wharton?

I’m a junior in high school right now, and I’m just wondering what my chances are for getting into Wharton Business.

GPA: All As
SAT: not taken yet, but they should be decent (expecting at least a 2100)

Subject Tests:
Math II: 740
Chinese: 800

Weighted Classes:
Pre-Calc Honors
Chem Honors
AP World (5 on AP Test)
AP Calc
AP English Language/Comp

Next year’s APs:
AP Stats
AP English Lit/Comp
AP Bio
AP Economics
AP Spanish

I don’t have many extracurriculars, but here’s what I’ve got…

  1. Debate (1st place at 90% of tournaments)
  2. Arts and Creative Design (Multiple awards)
  3. Job at Wells Fargo and Bank of the West
  4. Secretary of an electronics company/business
  5. Founder and Co-president of Fashion club (11)
  6. Council of Red Cross Club (11)
  7. Student government (10)
  8. Club badminton (9-10; got kicked off because I missed summer training…explained below)

And the last thing I’d like to include (probably the most important) is my international experience. I’ve gone to China every summer and have negotiated deals for the business I work for (I went to the factories as well)…basically an ambassador, so to speak. I have two patents, and with the commission from the patents, I fund/sponsor underprivileged children in China (whom I have taught for the summers) and their getting an education.

Please let me know what you think of my situation. Much appreciated(: Thanks.

You sound like a competitive candidate, but ultimately, it’s up to the officers and whether or not they like you.

Best of luck, mzhammer!

Mmm okay. Thanks for the feedback(: