Chances of getting merit aid at these schools

I’m currently applying to college and I was wondering how likely would it be for me to get merit based scholarships at these institutions and if so, how much.
-U of Washington
-U of Arizona

  • U of Utah
    -Cal Poly SLO
    -U San Diego
    -U San Francisco
    -Santa Clara University
    -Cal Poly Pomona
    -university of Portland
    -Seattle university
    My stats are 33 act, 4.0 unweighted gpa, lots of extracurricular and leadership positions, lots of volunteering, great essays, and great teacher recs.

Cal poly SLO and Cal Poly Pomona give little to no merit aid since it is a California State university. Cal states offer need-based financial aid to eligible applicants.
They do have departmental scholarships but it will depend on upon your stats and these scholarships are few in number.

Have you run the net price calculators on all the schools to see which offer merit aid based on your stats?

It may also be major dependent…many schools have so many high quality applicants for certain mayors that they don’t need to give merit scholarships anymore.

Utah includes merit aid for stats in the NPC, but it is backwards looking and so as the pool of applicants gets better, it can be a bit overstated. I think you are probably just below the OOS 4 year full tuition scholarship cutoff (likely 4.0UW/34ACT) but would probably get a full tuition scholarship for the first year and then you could get residency and pay instate rates. With good ECs you could also apply for one of their 30 competitive full ride Eccles scholarships (applications are in Feb after initial admission decisions).

It will probably be one of the cheapest options on this list, even if you are in-state for the CA schools. You must apply by Nov 1 to get decent merit aid.

I am fairly certain all merit at UW is linked to financial need. I know of a few of my daughters friends who got some merit (all had applied to honors). I will add these kids had stats of perfect or near perfect test scores and two were NMF. at least two were admitted in CS program…none of them ended up at UW.

I think you would qualify for the Alcala Scholarship (top merit) at University of San Diego, but I don’t see published cut-offs. Alcala was $25,000 a year (2018). Presidential was $18,000. Still a bit pricey, but sure made a dent in tuition!

Eccles at Utah will need higher than 33. Be careful to see how OOS scholarships apply if you want to go to instate, you need to look at the details. Certain scholarships won’t apply for the one year adjustment IIRC.

@Sybylla what is the basis for your statement that “Eccles at Utah will need higher than 33”? How many of those kids do you know? Most but certainly not all have 34+. The regular merit aid is purely stats based but that scholarship explicitly considers other factors to put together a cohort with different backgrounds. So I don’t think OP is particularly likely to win, but truly outstanding ECs can offset slightly lower test scores.

I think Arizona has a good scholarship for your ACT plus 4.0 . . . .

(if you are not an Arizona resident, look at bottom of the page)

What is your home state?
Major? Career goal?

What do you want your net costs to be? How much will your family pay each year?

Some of those schools will still have a very high net price after merit.

Take the Cal polys off your list.

I’m from Nevada
Trying to go in as a Civil Engineer
net price < $30,000
I’m keeping cal poly slo because I loved their campus and they’ have a great engineering program. Cal Poly Pomona participates in the WUE so I’ll also apply there.

@jacobgutierrez Have you looked at U of New Mexico? You would qualify for in-state tuition with your stats (total COA would be less than $20K). You also could try for one of their competitive full tuition awards (separate application required and check for deadline).

I am a senior from Seattle with similar scores and qualifications to you applying to many of the same schools and the only school I have heard back from is University of Portland. They offered me $104,000 Presidential scholarship (26k per year) a $22,000 loan (5.5k per year) and they recommended that I apply to their honors program. That’s all I have so far. Good luck!