Chances of getting merit scholarships?

Hi, I’m a junior in high school and I was wondering what my chances are of getting merit-based scholarships from GW. My SAT scores are 1440/2060 and my ACT is 33. My unweighted GPA is 3.6 (weighted is 4.1). I’m in a special gifted program at my high school so determining my class rank is difficult, but I know for sure that I’m at least in the top 10%. I do speech and debate (but not well enough as to win any special recognition or anything) as an extra-curricular activity. As for volunteering, I’m LGBT and so I plan to spend the summer interning at an LGBT rights organization, One Community. I’d doubt I qualify for any need-based aid (but not wealthy enough to actually afford the whole tuition) so whether or not I get merit-based scholarships more or less determines if I can afford to go to GW. Thanks for your help!

Those are some impressive stats, and I’ve seen people on here score merti-based with “less.” Keep plugging away next year and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

My D’s stat 3.65 Unweighted, 4.2 Weighted 32 ACT. Courses Load: All APs and the rest Honors Good Essays Solid EC’s. She is waitlisted.
Yes, she was expecting some merit-based scholarship, and was shocked to find out she is waitlisted.
Yet her boyfriend got $15K merit-based scholarship last year with somewhat lower GPA and 2100 SAT.

@kungFuGuy That definitely sounds odd, but keep in mind that Admissions looks at the “whole package” when accepting applications. GPA, test scores, and number of AP classes are great, there could have been something else that they didn’t like. Maybe your daughter didn’t convince them well enough that she really wanted GW or that it was a top pick of hers. Maybe there was something in one of her recommendations?

Either way, if GW really is a place she hopes to end-up in August I hope she gets it!

@NHuffer Thanks. I think her essay may cost her the admission (copied and pasted from BU, great for BU, but may not be good for GW) She has already committed to NYU. If GW give her good scholarship which I doubt for waitlisted applicants, she may still wants to go there (her boyfriend). She already turned down Case ($25k merit), Fordham ($30K), BU and some state U.