Chances of getting off Pratt waitlist?

What are the chances of getting off the waitlist? They state that 5-50 off the waitlist may be admitted, but out of how big of a pool? Has anyone here gotten off the waitlist?

I got waitlisted too. They said they’ll review the waitlist in May(probably after they get total enrolled deposits to see how many see how many seats are left). The pool stands to be around 1000-1500 people based on some stuff I’ve read but there are still people who decided to opt out of it later so it will narrow down later but not by a lot.

im waitlisted too- gonna stay on just in case but not counting on it!

Waitlisted too . Anyone transferring app to PrattMWP ?

the email says the formal decision letter will be sent in a week or two. is that just the letter saying ive been waitlisted or the actual decision?

I just received mine in the mail yesterday. It is the same decision received by email but in letter form so just the letter stating you’re on the waitlist.