Chances of getting/ out of state

I currently have a 3.8 weighted this year (junior year) and a 3.75 unweighted cumulative. Freshman year I ended with a 3.67 unweighted and a 3.8 weighted, sophomore year I ended with a 3.79 unweighted and a 3.95 weighted. I should end this year with around the same. I will be applying as an animal science major (pre vet med) and was wondering what my chances are. I am out of state too.

Your weighted and unweighted GPAs look very similar, does that mean you haven’t taken very many AP or DE classes? Rigor is something they will look at. Are you submitting scores? What does the rest of your application look like? I assume you are applying EA. The GPA is only one piece of the puzzle.

@tngal0204 Your best bet for projecting your chances is to talk to your school’s guidance dept. and see what the stats were for admitted students in prior years and compare to yours. If they use Naviance or another similar tool that can provide a decent baseline. You can also check the data commons info that VT hosts that shows prior year acceptance stats by major. Beyond that, posts on CC are well-intentioned guesswork.

As mentioned above, rigor of coursework and leadership that shows through in your essays and EC experiences carry good weight. OOS may or may not help depending on your application cohort - VT wants the OOS tuition money, but they limit OOS admits to 1/3 of the incoming class.