Chances of having acceptance rescinded from FAU!?!?!

So, I decided that I want to attend Florida Atlantic starting fall 2018-2019. I applied back in October was accepted in a few days. However, I’ve struggled right throughout my current Calc AB class. At this point, it’s too late to bring my D to a C. I know most colleges don’t accept D’s and F’s and will revoke acceptances, but I haven’t heard of that for FAU. Is there any information on this? I’m stuck since I don’t have much of a backup plan either. HELLPPP!

It is true that colleges don’t like D’s and it quite possibly could mean you may be rescinded. How does your HS report your final transcript! If your HS does not show each quarter individually and only has the yearly average listed you may have some time to bring up to a C. Can you speak with your teacher? Extra help, tutor, extra credit? It may not be too late if you only had one bad quarter.