Chances of internship as sophomore

<p>Hi everyone, any idea if sophomore undergrads will have a chance of getting an ib or consulting internship in the summer? I know that firms want junior summer interns so they can hire them if they perform well, but does that mean sophomores have no chance? Should I even bother applying to those firms, since if I don't get accepted this time, would they hold it against me when I apply again in my junior year?</p>

<p>top IB firms get soooo many applications each day that they will throw all the rejects away as soon as the decisions are made. they will not even remember you if you come back and reapply next year.</p>

<p>by all means, go ahead apply at any time.</p>

<p>Deloitte and IBM will hire sophmore and sometimes freshman for consulting interns. Both are great for consulting.</p>

<p>Thanks guys!</p>

<p>by sophmore do you mean finishing sophmore year or freshman year?</p>

<p>i get confuesed when internships say looking for freshman and sophmore OR even more confused when they saw looking for sophmores</p>