Chances of Ivy? :D

<p>I'm applying to college this year, and I just wanted to know if getting into an Ivy was plausible.</p>


- All A's except for one B+ in Vector Calculus (I SO hope this won't hurt much),
- 3.97 GPA,
- 2360 SAT score,
- 235 PSAT score,
- 8 AP tests taken, all 5's except Comparative Politics (Though I'm doing Engineering, so I don't reckon this would hurt too much?)
- SAT II's in Chem, Math II, US and World History, all 800's
- No ACT</p>

- Chem research at dual-enrollment college
- Biochem research, academic publication and patent for something I'm doing alone imminent, very excited about this
- 7 years cello, private lessons and orchestra
- Model UN/Model Congress Club (Treasurer)
- School-hosted Model UN (Chair)
- Student Council Treasurer
- Speech and Debate Treasurer and Head of Debate
- Worked as humanitarian aid worker in China with underprivileged children as a teacher and instructor
- Swimming at high school, made regionals
- Math Team (Made AIME, but not USAMO)
- Habitat for Humanity Club President
- Various Model UN/ Model Congresses</p>

<p>Awards, etc:
This section I find a little lacking
- Dean's List at dual-enrollment college, whenever it was available
- Honor Roll student, whenever available
- Best Delegation, Duke Model UN
- Verbal Commendation, Duke Model UN
- NMSQT contender (probably, with 235 on the PSAT)</p>

<p>Let me know what you guys think :D
Fingers Crossed.</p>

<p>Probably good for Cornell. With the exception of your ventures in China, you seem pretty generic. No offense :p</p>

<p>Try writing your essay about your work in China.</p>

<p>With your stats, yes, plausible. But getting into any highly selective college depends on factors that no one on CC can possibly assess. Make sure you apply to several safety schools (schools where your stats are well above the norm, that you can afford, and where you'd be happy). </p>

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<p>Yeah, I feared that I was pretty generic, but doesn't the research and patent count for something? I thought that was pretty unique.</p>

<p>I'm probably going to apply to:
Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, UT Austin, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago.</p>

<p>I don't think NWU would be too hard, since I spent most of my summer days in a lab with my dad who works as a researcher there</p>

<p>I have no idea about the others, though. Opinions?</p>

<p>In retrospect, saying "Chances for Ivy" was a mistake, seeing as how most of the above aren't Ivy.</p>

<p>And oh yeah, does National Honor Society matter at all?</p>

<p>Compared to the other EC's you already have, NHS probably doesn't even need to be labelled (they'll know that you were in it). And even if you aren't, they'll just assume.</p>

<p>You are 'plausible' at any school in the US that you apply to.</p>

<p>Patent -- should stand out. But you'd be 'plausible' even without it.</p>

<p>Basically, it's a tough process, and no one is a guaranty at any top school, but your numbers are as good as anyone's.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>