Chances of JHU?

Can you please rate my chance of getting into JHU or Wharton.
Here is some helpful information:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.66-uw and 4.36-w
Class rank: top 3%
Act: 30
AP courses: freshman year-Human geo(4)
sophomore year- Stat(3), US gov(4)
junior year- Chem, Calc BC, US history, Comp. Sci A, Lang & Comp
(don't know scores yet but passed all of them)
senior year-European history, Environmental Sci, Biology, Calc 3/diffy q, Lit & Comp, independent study micro and macro econ</p>

<p>ECs: NHS, NEHS, NSHS, FBLA-vp of publicity, FCCLA-board member, Football 2 yrs JV, First Robotics Competition, internship with civil engineer, 150 hours of community service, Summer job at military base</p>

<p>College preparatory programs: Honors diploma, Sci-tech, international studies, University of Colorado at Denver scholar</p>