Chances of me getting in!

<p>92.7 Unweighted GPA</p>

<p>Course Work 9th-12th (Honors-College Level)</p>

<p>Honors English(11)
AP English(12th)
AP U.S History
SUPA Public Affairs
SUPA Economics
SUPA Forensic Science
SUNY Stats</p>


Math League
National Honors Society- Treasurer
Bussiness Honors Society
French Club
Taekwondo Club
Chairmen of 2nd Annual Festival of Nations
Various other hours of volunteer work
Microsoft Specialist- Excel</p>

<p>I'm also Bilingual- Vietnamese</p>

<p>i think u have a decent shot at bing regular. a 1260 cud use a boost, and a 92 gpa is very good, except the lack of rigorous curriculum will hurt u significantly. write an amzing essay and ide say its a high match.</p>

<p>Thanks! My school does not offer many college level courses is the main reason why I don't have many rigorous courses, however I took what I can.</p>