Chances of me getting into TAMU

I am an instate student
Current gpas:
3.14 Unweighted
3.6 Weighted

APs I’ve taken:
US History
English IV

SAT: 1190 (Math:600)

Class Rank: 314/656 (49th percentile)

I have also taken 4 years of Band along with 4 years of engineering.

Currently, I have been accepted to U of H, Texas Tech, Stephen F. Austin, and Texas State.

hi, fizzer.Hope you are fine. Actually, my son also want to take admission in Texas college but he has less than 60% of marks and i cant think so he is able to secure his admission. What do you think about his admission to Texas?

@FizzerGabe I hate to be the one to say it, but I do like to keep it real if asked. Your rank is what will hurt you the most. Coupled with a lower than average TAMU SAT score, I just don’t feel admissions will give you a shot at full admit. I think it’s great you were able to take Engineering for 4 years. A lot of schools don’t offer that and I bet you will be well prepared once you are in engineering. Hopefully they give you a shot at an engineering academy. Best of luck and keep us posted!!

@AggieMomhelp Thank you for the honesty, I’d rather be given the truth rather than have my expectations rocket up only to find that I didn’t get in. Even though A&M was my first choice I am more than happy to attend U of H if my admission doesn’t come through. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

@FizzerGabe When did you apply to A&M? My daughter has similar stats to yours. We are still waiting on an admissions decision. She applied in October. Keep us posted on when you get your response. Thanks.