Chances of Mercersburg, Episcopal High School

Class of 2018
Applied To:
Mercersburg Academy
Episcopal High School

Weighted GPA: 4.02
1 AP Course
2 Honors
5 Regular
SSAT: 2097/66% V:689 Q:734 R:674
Spanish National Honor Society Member
National Honor Society Eligible
Air Force JROTC Cadet Airman 1st Class
Junior Varsity Basketball Team Captain and MVP

What are my chances and can you tell me more about these schools? Thanks


You stand a good chance, though it will be impacted by the need for FA. For what it’s worth, my daughter’s small day school recently sent two boys to Episcopal with lower average GPAs (B), but with higher SSATs -70s and mid 80s. We will all keep our fingers crossed for you. Good luck!