Chances of Northeastern or Fordham scholarship?

1490 PSAT in NJ with a selection index of 223

1550 SAT, 4.57 W GPA, 3.96 UW GPA, 10 APS, 6 Honors

ECS: Varsity for XC, JV winter track, JV spring track, volunteer tutoring through local church, volunteer tutoring through club at my school (Both are for underprivileged children), Summer job as a Teaching Assistant at Kumon

Awards: 3x Summa Cum Laude (4.3 GPA or higher), national merit semifinalist (probably), Seal of Biliteracy for Latin, 2x Varsity Letter for XC

Is 223 gonna make the National merit cut for NJ in Fall 2022? If so, what are my chances of the National Merit Full Ride they offer at fordham and the national merit scholarship they offer at Northeastern?

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I have read that the selection index for NJ will probably be 222, but could possibly be as high as 224 (I hope not!) Your stats are similar to those of my own kid, or perhaps a touch higher. My kid was awarded Fordham’s full tuition scholarship, but didn’t get the full ride (tuition plus room and board.) Don’t know about Northeastern. Good luck!

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I think you have a very good chance at Northeastern. Your stats are very good but not tippy top - and over the past two years students from our region who are in this sweet spot have done very well with Northeastern.

They don’t have a supplemental essay but you can significantly boost your chance by emailing your AO a “why NEU” letter.

Good luck.

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If you make NMF you should get the full tuition scholarship at Fordham.
I thought Northeastern had moved to “meet need” except for honors college scholarships, so run the NPC.