Chances of OOS to UF

Hi all, my son is a Texas high school junior who is going to apply for out of state admission to Florida as a history major. Can you guys honestly tell me what you think of his chances for admission are based on his current profile? Also, can you guys comment on whether Florida offers any specific scholarships to OOS applicants to reduce the cost of out of state tuition and, if so, what type of stats are needed to qualify?

GPA: 3.7 (w)

Rank: Probably top 30%

SAT: 2070 as follows 790 Critical Reading; 590 Math; and 690 Writing (He plans on taking ACT for the first time in April)

SAT II World History Subject Test: 680 (He will take the US History Subject Test in June 2015)

AP World History: 5/5 (he will be taking the AP US History & AP Human Geography Exam)

Hook: African-American Male

EC: Track freshmen year; Basketball manager sophomore year; and Cross Country junior year.

Part-Time Employment: Since June 2014, he has worked a part-time job working 10-12 hours a week at a fast-food establishment.

Thanks in advance for any advice or input that I receive.

Just to give you a comparison, I am an OOS student and was accepted this year with a 4.0 unweighted GPA and 2050 SAT. I have not been notified of any scholarships yet (not sure if they have been sent out yet), but as far as I understand, they are harder for OOS students to get because the pool is more competitive. Good luck!

Thanks @pacollegekid97. Congrats on your admission to UF. Although your SAT score is in line with my son, your GPA far exceeds my son’s GPA.

I saw on UF’s webpage that the school has some out of state scholarships in increments of $8,000; $16,000; and then $20,000. Hopefully your stats are competitive enough to get one of them. Again, congrats on your admission.

You may want to check out this recent thread:

Some numbers (around acceptance and yield rates and OOS scholarships) are below. UF is looking to increase the number of OOS students. They have recently hired recruiters in the Eastern part of the country and are in the process of hiring addtional regional coordinators in the mid-west. The number for next year’s class is around 10%, but UF isn’t ready to say how high that % will go. The limiting factor really is UF’s OOS tuition rate. As they increase the number of OOS students, I expect they will increase the number of OOS scholarships.

Last year’s overall:
28,655 Applications => 13,072 Admits (45.6% Admit rate) => 6,514 Enrolled (49.8% Yield rate)

By Residency:

Florida: 21,298 applications => 10,369 Admits (48.7%) => 5,855 Enrolled (56.5% Yield rate)

OOS: 5,486 Applications => 2,332 Admits (42.5%) => 569 Enrolled (24.4% Yield rate)

International: 1,377 Applications => 281 Admits (20.4%) => 59 Enrolled (21% yield rate)

Below are the number of scholarships given to OOS freshman students. These are tuition reduction awards (based OOS tuition is about $29,000 a year):

Amount $8000
Number awarded: 42

Amount $16,000
Number awarded: 17

Amount $20,000
Number awarded: 12

Thanks @Gator88NE‌, that info really helps me evaluate my son’s situation respecting UF. It appears that the number of OOS scholarships awarded are limited. Even if my son where lucky enough to gain admission (his 2070 SAT seems competitive but GPA may be to low) I doubt he’d get one of those scholarships. We’d need the $16,000 level to just make tuition more affordable.

Outside of merit scholarships, UF may also award need based aid. They don’t promise to meet the EFC, but based on your situation the grants could be significant. You should run the Net Price Calculator:

Also, you can look at some of the other scholarships that may be offered:

It may be worth using the search engine and digging around for some scholarships. For example, the Gator Club of Houston offer’s a scholarship (as do other Gator Clubs across the country).

Using the search engine and selecting history as the major…

Good Luck!

Florida needs to put you on the payroll as their CC recruiter, thanks for the wealth of information here I’ll certainly look it over. I would hate to leave any stone unturned as my son is a big fan if Florida based on what we’ve read so far.

@Gator88NE, if you were guessing: do you think the number of Out of State tuition scholarship that were awarded counts those who were offered a scholarship but chose not to attend, or only those who accepted the scholarship and attended UF? If there were 2,332 out of state admits and a total of 71 OOS scholarships awarded that makes one’s odds about 3% overall. But if they awarded them only to one of the 569 admitted out of state students then the odds are about 12%. Slightly more optimistic when viewed that way - but certainly still slim odds!

I would think it’s enrolled students. Good Luck with your search! UF’s a tough option when you have to pay full OOS cost…blah… :slight_smile: