Chances of re-enrolling Bryn Mawr College

<p>I am once admitted to Bryn Mawr College. But I made the biggest mistake by not attending BMC which is a wonderful institution but instead enter a school that I perceive as so bad. I regret my decision so much and want desperately to re-enter Bryn Mawr College. However, I don't think I am doing very well in the current university. I feel heart-broken to find myself give up an excellent college and go to a university that I perceive as so bad. I feel bad to think about the past and make decision. However, with the low acceptance rate for transfer student. I feel heart-broken. Could anyone offer some advices on getting into BMC again? I feel like the classes here are too hard that I can't get good grades.</p>

<p>Hello Thislove,</p>

<p>I think if what you conveyed to College Confidential is conveyed in your essay and application, Bryn Mawr would be willing to accept you as a transfer. I also suggest that you visit BMC and try for an interview where you could also explain this. Bryn Mawr looks at the whole person and not just the grades, so if you do a good job at explaining yourself, I see no reason why they wouldn't give you a chance. :) Hope that helps and good luck.</p>

Bryn Mawr '14</p>

<p>@ thislove</p>

<p>I am a BMC transfer student and I encourage you to apply. The classes here are challenging, but you have many support tools of which you can take advantage. Make sure your application states the reason in which you did not enroll after you were accepted the first time, why your current school does not offer the type of education you were expecting, and how BMC will fill the voids of your current school and more. You might want to call admissions to voice your situation and ask if they would encourage you to apply. I do not think it could hurt you at all. Admissions people are very friendly and might offer some useful answers. Good luck!</p>