Chances of sophmore transfer to Public health?

Hi everyone, I’m new here,

I’m a freshman at a California private college and I am hoping to transfer to UCI as a sophomore. My college GPA will be about 3.7 at the end of fall as a public health major taking chem and calc, I am also in the honors program at my private college which is ranked ~50 in US news report national (idk what the ranking really means!). I chose that school instead of any other option bc my parent works there (tuition is free, so I wouldn’t consider going through CC), but I never felt like a good fit at the school and I want to transfer.

Other stats:
Strong EC’s: 2HS sports, multiple jobs, one internship, volunteering
I am on track to have 51+16(credits) credits by the end of freshman year if that helps!

I understand I am the “low man” bc CC junior standing students among others get priority, so can anyone give me any advice and guess my chances of transferring with sophomore standing?

(FYI i did apply last year but was not accepted as a freshman applicant) Thank you in advance! I can take brutally honest feedback :slight_smile:

I also have a specific question about prereqs. I know one is taking a full year of biology, but does that apply to me because I’m a sophomore transfer? I won’t be able to fit a full year of bio (only one-quarter of it) into my schedule through spring quarter, will this disqualify me?

As a Sophomore transfer, it is important to have the Biology requirement along with as much major prep courses completed by Spring prior to transfer. I would contact admissions directly about any specific questions. Usually if the prep classes are a series, they need to be completed at your current college prior to matriculation.
Do you AP/IB or DE credit that can be used?
Many lower division transfers have substantial AP/IB or Dual enrollment courses to help meet the transfer requirements.

Hi Gumbymom,

I appreciate ur help! I just spoke with an admissions counselor from UCI, and she said I actually do not need to complete the biology pre-req to be an eligible “sophomore” transfer candidate.

Just wondering, what do you think my chances are considering my circumstances? (I do have AP credit GE requirements, but not specifically for bio)

You have a few things working against you.

  1. Applied as a Freshman which looks competitive stats and was not accepted.

  2. Since you will only have Fall semester college grades to submit, your HS record will be very important in the transfer process.

  3. You are applying from a Private College as a Sophomore transfer which puts you as one of the lowest priority.

  4. You will be competing with Junior level transfers whom will have the majority if not all of the requirements completed prior to transfer.

Positives are being in the Honors college at your current college.

Doing well Fall semester will also be very important along with how many transfer requirements will be completed prior to matriculation.

So what courses do you have AP credit and what courses will you have grades by end of Fall semester?

What courses will you be taking Spring semester? How many of the Public health pre-req’s and GE’s will be completed by Spring?

What are you backup plans? Stay another year at your current college and reapply?

Definitely worth a try and you never know but based on what I have seen regarding lower division transfers, it will be tough.

For 2020: 301 transfer applicants and 128 admitted.

Best of luck.