chances of the schools i want to go to plz?

<p>Ok I'm in 10th grade now, had a 3.8 last semester and not sure about my GPA this semester (should be a 4.0 tops or a 3.6 at worst if i screwed up a lot on finals), was wondering about my odds for where i plan on applying (philosophy or political science major with maybe a minor in english or literature)
this year i took:
Pre AP English
world history
honors chemistry
pe :(
spanish 2
algebra 2
I also was a member of historic pop culture club and founder/president of philosophy club. </p>

<p>during the summer I plan to take either intro to philosophy or intro to political science at the community college nearby, volunteer at the library and possibly the DA's office if i can, and self-study calculus, stats, and english</p>

<p>Junior year
AP English
AP Psychology
AP US history
AP Environmental Science
Spanish 3
7th period link crew
7th period volunteer class to log my volunteer hours for vocational ed credits
same clubs and possibly start a politics-related club</p>

<p>during summer take another philosophy or political science related class at community college, volunteer more. </p>

<p>Senior year
AP English
AP Spanish 4
AP Calculus
AP Government
either AP music theory(i played music for 5 years) or AP art history for my fine art requirement</p>

<p>my schools i want to apply to are</p>

<p>High Reach:
UC Berkely</p>


Cal state Long Beach

<p>I really want to go to Berkeley or UCLA so if I don't get in, I'll just transfer after 2 years anyway. And I live in California so I know my chances of getting into a UC are pretty decent. Any recommendations or suggestions to make my schedule more rigorous would be appreciated :D</p>