Chances of top math grad schools near NY

<p>I don't know much about grad school admissions and I still haven't taken my GRE's, but I was just wondering how I stand. I asked my advisor and he's not too sure either.
School-SUNY Purchase College
Major GPA-4.29
Courses I have taken-Calc 1 and 2, History of Math, Calc 3, Number Theory, Graph Theory with Applications, Differential Equations, Advanced Calc, Abstract Algebra, and Analysis. Because my school has a really really small math department I will be taking Linear Algebra next term.
Publications- 1 article in The journal of mathematical chemistry
4 articles in Congressus Numerantium
I am expecting more publications.
Presentations-Mid-Hudson Mathematics Conference for Undergraduates
Graph Theory notes of New York (#58 I believe) at Onenonta
Fortieth Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing
One at Westchester Community College and another at my school, I would have to dig up the names
Extras-TAed Calculus 1 and 2 at the board. TAed complex variables, differential equations, and graph theory with applications
On the organizing committee for the first graph theory conference of Greater New York
I may have more things and I think I will have three good recommendations.
Due to my health I would really really prefer to stay in New York.
I am really hoping to go to either Columbia University or NYU (with a lot of financial support). If anyone knows any other top math grad schools near New York, feel free to suggest them. I haven't done much research into grad schools, since I don't have a computer readily available.</p>