Chances of transfer from NYU

<p>I'm a sophomore at NYU. Current GPA is a 2.84 in Liberal arts, but I want to transfer into LSU and start over and study science, probably along the lines of biochemical engineering. I figure I have enough total credits to maybe only need to stay at LSU for an extra year to get a degree, but I can't afford NYU anymore.
If they look at high school stuff, I had a 4.0 in high school and had a 32 on the ACT. I had a ton of dual credits and a ton of AP sciences which I got 4's in on the tests.<br>
What are the odds I get into LSU?</p>

<p>bump. need an answer please</p>

<p>You’re going to get accepted almost without a doubt. LSU is a really good school with great programs, and it will work to your advantage that they have a relatively high acceptance rate. Good luck to you, but don’t worry too much about being accepted, you will most likely be in!</p>