Chances of transferring from RPI to Cornell Engineering?

Hello, I am currently an RPI freshman in Electrical engineering. How difficult would be to transfer to Cornell next fall? What should I do to make myself the best possible candidate to get in? What should I focus on other than having a 4.0 GPA and writing the best possible essay of my life? Also I know it doesn’t mean much but what is the engineering transfer rate currently. If it helps I got a 1520 SAT and I am a national merit scholar. I can give more stats if required

RPI is a great engineering school, very highly regarded in industry.

Here’s some things you should think about (not tell me, but think about yourself) :
How is RPI falling short for you? What can’t you do at RPI that you can do someplace else?
What are the specific aspects that you want to be better?

With this insight, look for schools that would better meet your needs, now that you have refined them.
Is Cornell really the best match for you, having done all this introspection and investigation?
Or do some other schools fit even better than Cornell?

If the answer is Cornell, after you do all that work, you should have a meaningful “Why Cornell?” essay.
If the answer is not Cornell, then apply to the other places that fit better.

IMO, the most compelling transfer applicant is one who is not only highly qualified academically, but also legitimately needs what Cornell offers, moreso than other schools, and much moreso than their current school, to meet his/her objectives (academic foremost, but also social and extracurricular).

But firstly think seriously about giving up RPI, it is a great school.

In general I think it is a terrible idea to start one college with the intent of transferring out. This will stand in the way of your making meaningful friendships, developing relationships with professors, and getting involved on campus. Then if your transfer doesn’t work out as planned you will be really stuck. I’d go to RPI with the intent of staying all four years. It is fine to throw in a transfer application to Cornell, but you cannot count on it working out. That said, I’d guess you need a great GPA, involvement on campus, excellent recommendations, strong essay, the necessary coursework etc. It can happen but it is difficult to transfer into a top tier college. Per Cornell’s website the acceptance rate for transfers into engineering is 5% - 8%.

Don’t forget that you are in a very good place right now. Make the most of your opportunities at RPI.

@happy1 @monydad RPI has a bad atmosphere right now due to some problems between students and administration. Also If I go to a really good school with rigorous academics right now doesn’t that mean I have a great chance of getting into Cornell since many people will apply from “lower tier” schools?

Did you read my post? The acceptance rate for transfers into Cornell engineering is between 5% - 8% so nobody has a “great chance.” If you are.detemined to leave I recommend you apply to a wide.range of reach, match, and safety schools that appear affordable (and you must assume no merit aid since it is rarely available for transfers).

I also.expect the problems at your school will settle down over time

Lol since you said RPI is such a great school I thought I would have a better chance then lots of other kids who applied from lesser colleges. Also I received a lot of financial aid at RPI so will Cornell not give me something equal in amount since they will see RPI gave me a lot? After all they have endowments in the billions :smiley:

–Cornell will not feel any need to match RPIs aid.
–Typically Ivy schools give need based aid only – you need to research Cornell’s financial aid policy for transfers.
–And you are at a fine school but the odds.are not ‘great’ given how few transfers Cornell engineering takes.
–it is fine to throw in a transfer application but again I suggest you make the most of your current school.

#6, I agree.

Cornell will also look at your high schools transcript and SAT/ACT scores, not just your freshman GPA at RPI. You come across as someone seeking prestige only, which is a turnoff to Ivy adcoms.

Lol why else would anyone want to transfer

There are a number of reasons somebody might want to transfer colleges/universities that have little or nothing to do with prestige…

Maybe not you, evidently, but other people.

give an example please. I want to transfer mainly because I live 8 min away from RPI so i want to live far from my parents and learn to be self sufficient. Also like I said the climate around RPI is pretty bad with the administration. Also Cornell is a bigger school so I would have more opportunities for research, etc

I don’t care to.
It does not matter why other people want to transfer.
What matters is why you do.
You don’t need to coopt other people’s reasons if they are not your own.

Also believes that RPI is one of the top tier eng schools… Cornell rates r low and as the prev writer said, they have no incentive to give you any aid. Dont goto cornell just for thr ivy status…see how you would fit in. there is politics and infighting on every capus. things will settle,move for the right reasons…someties the grass is NOT greener on the other side…